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Light boxes are a great addition to any workshop, mens-den, garage or office.

They are a fine way to show your interest or loyalty towards a brand or a particular logo & they light up a room for only 40 watts consumption.

The problem is that they have become very expensive with the best originals now frequently selling for 4 figure sums.

We have come up with  a great way around this, having been making these for a trade customer we are now offering them for sale direct.

We can supply artwork that fits a standard LED false ceiling panel and creates a great light box such as the one in the category photo for a total price of less than £50 all in.

You can choose from our existing range or for a small fee have a special created to your specification. We have thousands of high quality automotive logos and artwork and decades of experience.

If you want to request a custom sticker please use the SPECIALS REQUEST form on the website so we have all relevant information.

LED ceiling panels are only 40w but modern LEDs give out a huge amount of light and they can light  up a room on their own. Particulalry if you choose a light coloured design.

We dont stock or supply these lightboxes but you can order them online here:,led-panel-light/

The process is simple, order your LED panel using the link above (others are available and we have no connection with the above business, we just find them good quality and reliable) and choose some light panel artwork from us, either stock item or custom, full instructions are supplied and you can fit the artwork to the light box in about 15 mins.

If you are all fingers and thumbs we would recommend you get someone who isn't to help you fit the sticker as it does require a reasonable level of dexterity.

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