Fitting Screentops

How to fit Screentops with out getting into a right old tiz!

1) Now the first thing is that you must not attempt this when you are alone in the desert during a sandstorm! Because the three things you require are a helpful chum (or preferably chummess), a still dust free environment and a water spray bottle with a small amount of washing up liquid in it..

2) Get your butler/chauffeur/man servant/girlfriend/ to bring the motor around from the motor house and to thoroughly clean the windscreen.

3) Remember that Sun strips are supplied oversize and require trimming to suit the screen.

4) Lay the sun strip across the top of the screen so that the bottom edge meets your requirements when seated in the car, and remember you need to be able to see out when going up hills.

5) Double check that the sun strip covers all the desired area of the screen and overlaps the edges sufficiently for later trimming.

6) Mark the bottom line on the screen with masking tape, permanent marker or small pieces of vinyl cut from the excess on the sun strip.

7) Mark the centre of the sun strip so that it marries up with a similar mark in the centre of the screen (this is to aid location when sticking down).

8) Once you are satisfied with the location spray your weak detergent solution onto the screen and your assistants T shirt, with the help of your assistant remove the backing paper from the sun strip. Remember to keep fingers away from the sticky side (of sun strip & assistant)..

9) Taking one end each and working from different sides of the car carefully offer the sun strip up to the marks you have previously made and lay it onto the wet screen.

10) Make a temporary squeegee from a credit card wrapped in a soft cloth and, starting from the centre and working outwards, squeeze carefully across the sun strip removing the bubbles as you go.

11) At the edges you can now trim the excess vinyl from the sun strip with a sharp knife. On some vehicles you can cut slightly oversize and slide the excess under the screen rubber for a more stable fitting. On others you must trim carefully to the edge of the screen.

12) Ignore the jeers of those Johnnies down at the Golf Club, I think a Rolls Royce looks fab with a ‘Terry & June’ Sunstrip on the screen!