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Gold & Black Window Stickers.

Decorative Window StickersThese water and weatherproof stickers are designed for decorating windows and doors in garage and workshop spaces, as well as dressing up glass cabinets and display cases in offices, showrooms, dens etc.

Each sticker is available for use either on the Inside or Outside of glass. 'Inside Glass' stickers have adhesive on the front (for use on the inside of glass, facing outwards), and 'Outside Glass' stickers have adhesive on the back. They are both visible from each side, and, as can be seen from the photo here, there is very little drop-off in quality when looking through the glass.

The Indian sticker at the top is an 'Inside Glass' sticker, and is fitted to the other side of the sample glass piece, and the Moto Guzzi sticker is 'Outside Glass' and is fitted to the outside of the sample glass piece. As you can see they both look clear and crisp.

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