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Box Kit Open BoxOur brilliant Desktop Tidy's and Money Boxes come as a self assembly kit presented in a cardboard box, with full instructions and everything you need for a quick assembly.

Kits need no glue and can be clicked together in around 30 seconds (the record in the office is just 20 seconds, but we have been practicing!).

The boxes are made from laser cut 4mm plywood with laser etched (not printed) detailing and lettering, which gives a nice 3D engraved finish. They are supplied Box Kit Closed Boxunlacquered, and can be left as is, lacquered, varnished or finished with wax as you choose. Applying any of these finishes will make the detailing darken as will age and exposure.

Each kit is available in an open, lidded or money box version.

A great unique gift for an enthusiast!

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